'I feel so insignificant'

"I'm just a mom, I have no qualifications, no career, no real future. .. I feel so insignificant!" As she sat across from me and wiped her eyes with the tearstained Kleenex, the words slipped quietly from her lips, the confession of a heart that felt no value, no worth and no hope.

I wonder if you have felt that way, insignificant, worthless? Like everyone else I want to leave my mark on this world. I want to leave a little sign that I was here, that my life meant something, and hopefully, that my life made this world a better place for others. I'm no amazing leader. I have not invented anything spectacular, nor have I written any great books or composed any amazing pieces of music. In fact, as I reflect on my life, it

sometimes seems rather insignificant.

Many books, and great sermons, have been preached on this subject, but all of them seem to approach the subject of "how to become significant'" forgetting that sometimes God needs, and even uses, insignificant people too. The reality is, that many of us will never rise to greatness or significance in a human sense, but will remain hidden in the shadows and background of life, living rather ordinary lives. Does this mean that we are of lesser value and worth than those who rise to prominence, or who accomplish great things? Absolutely not. The role that God calls us to play in life may not be big and stand out, but it is nevertheless important in the bigger picture of life on Earth.

Take the story of Jochebed in the Bible for example. You don't hear much about her and her accomplishments. She is mentioned in only two verses of Scripture (Exodus 6 and Numbers 26) and even then very briefly, yet if we remove her from the Bible, the whole story of the Bible is in jeopardy. She was the mother of Moses, Aaron and Miriam. All she was called to be in life was a mum- that's it. No writing any famous literary works for her, or composing any great musical compositions, or leading an army in valiant victory. She would have told you that she has no time for that because she has to be a mom, and she was so committed to doing this with all her heart that she turned out Israel's greatest leader and bringer of the law, the first High Priest of the Hebrew nation, and a prophetess and worship leader. As a committed mum she transferred her values, her sense of commitment and her love for God to her children, who in turn became responsible for leading their nation to freedom and greatness. If she had failed at her "insignificant" task of being a godly mom, she would have failed her country and God. Wow, talk about being insignificantly significant.

Your role in life may not seem very big or significant. You may not be the next great author, or actress, or singer. You may not be a great leader, nor invent the next "big thing." But that does not mean that you are of any less value or importance than those who do these seemingly great things. In fact, your role may be necessary for them to accomplish those great things. So, maybe you need to change your perspective on who you are and what you do. You were made with the utmost care and love by a great big God to be a part of His great big plan for this world. That part may be small and even seemingly insignificant, but it is still important, So as Colossians 3:23 encourages us "Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men."

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