Life in prison for Allgood

George Mitchell Allgood was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years for the murder of his former girlfriend Susan Reinhardt, who was also the mother of his son.

Allgood, known by many people in Chilliwack as Reno Trevor Hogg, was found guilty Monday of the July 15, 2006 first-degree murder of Susan Reinhardt and attempted murder of David Ristow.

Justice Grant Currie also found Allgood guilty of the attempted murder of Reinhardt's partner, David Ristow. Currie announced his sentence for Allgood on Friday in Saskatoon Court of Queen's Bench.

In addition to his life sentence for the murder, Allgood was sentenced to 25 years-to be served concurrently-for the attempted murder of Ristow.

Victim impact statements from Reinhardt's mother and father, who now have custody of Reinhardt's son, were read by the crown prosecutor. Court heard that the boy has been hospitalized twice with post-traumatic stress disorder. When he goes to bed, he often fears that he and his grandparents will be shot.

A Chilliwack man fooled by Allgood for years is happy the killer is finally going to jail.

During the verdict in court, Allgood interrupted Currie and said, "I didn't do it." He also told one of the officers in the courtroom, "You're a liar and you know you're a liar, you falsified information like that."

But Wayne (who prefers that his last name not be used) tells the Times that it is Allgood who was the liar.

"With a man like that you would never know what he would do if he was found not guilty and allowed to walk the streets as a free man. Now I know my family will be safe. ... The lesson from this is make sure you really know who you let into your circle of friends for this man fooled all of us who he met."

At one time, Allgood worked at Sto:lo Nation indirectly under the oversight of former Mission mayor James Atebe. Before Steven and Gwen Point were the Lieutenant Governor and Chatelaine of British Columbia, Allgood worked with Gwen and others on powwows. Through Sto:lo Nation Allgood worked with ICBC road safety co-ordinator and retired RCMP officer Mike Weightman making a road safety DVD and on powwow sponsorship.

And it was at Sto:lo Nation where he met Reinhardt who became his girlfriend and the mother of his child.

While all those people knew him as "Trevor," the real Allgood is an American citizen who, 30 years ago, tied up a 71-year-old man in his own home and beat him to death with a shovel in Baltimore, Md.

He pleaded guilty in October 1984 and was sentenced to 20 years. He later received an even longer sentence but questions remained about how long he spent in jail, who the real Reno Trevor Hogg is, and how he entered Canada.

"My only regret that this man was not caught getting into Canada and that the RCMP should have told me that this man was on their radar even when he was living in my house," Wayne said.

Allgood's eventual undoing was the classic Mr. Big sting, where an undercover officer acting as a member of a fake criminal organization gets the suspect to admit to serious crimes to gain trust.

There police learned that Allgood used a 12-gauge shotgun to shoot Reinhardt and Ristow as they lay in bed sleeping in their Saskatoon home.

Wayne is angry the RCMP did not warn him about Allgood and he feels his family was used.

"I firmly believe they used our family so they could keep an eye on him while they set up their sting."

At closing arguments in October, defence lawyer Morris Bodnar had argued Allgood made up the story because he believed it's what Mr. Big wanted to hear, to allow Allgood to stay in the organization after questions came up about the case.

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