Ex-Chilliwack elementary teacher owned massive collection of child porn

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It took two police investigators a combined 24 hours to sort former Chilliwack elementary school teacher John Patrick Davy’s massive collection of child pornography.

To print out the 151 gigabytes worth of sexually explicit images and videos of children found on one of his seized computer storage devices would take up to two million pieces of paper, RCMP computer forensic investigator Sgt. Lorena Rostie told a Chilliwack court last week.

“That’s a very large collection,” she said.

Davy was first arrested for possession of child pornography in May 2013.

He was taken into custody again in September 2013 after breaking his bail conditions just days after his release.

The former Greendale elementary teacher pleaded guilty on Feb. 19 to possession and distribution of child pornography, and was back in Chilliwack Provincial Court last Thursday for the first day of a two-day sentencing hearing.

According to an agreed statement of facts read in court by Crown counsel Andrea Ormiston Thursday, it was four child pornographic images Davy uploaded to Microsoft-owned Skydrive in January 2013 that eventually led police to the 44-year-old’s main collection.

The uploads were traced back to Davy after Microsoft reported the activity to U.S. Police, who passed the information on to Canadian investigators.

Police executed a search warrant on his Sardis home on May 12, 2013.

They were met at the door by Davy’s roommate, who called out to Davy that the police were there. Davy told him to say he wasn’t home.

Officers went inside and found Davy with his head and shoulders in an attic access in his bedroom, and a search of the attic eventually turned up an external hard drive buried under the insulation.

Also seized were a laptop, computer tower and a bag with a towel and girl’s bikini inside. Davy was arrested.

A search of the hard drive and computers turned up more than 27,000 child porn images, 866 videos and 600 text files with pornographic stories about children as well as 32,572 images of naked or partly naked children that did not meet the definition of child porn and almost 67,000 “child-relevant” images.

“The collection contains many types of child pornography, including victims as young as two to three years old being penetrated anally and vaginally by adult male penises, bestiality, forcible confinement while being sexually assaulted, posing where the focus of the camera is the genitals, phallacio, animated sexual activity,” Rostie stated in one report.

Davy was also found to have two Hushmail email accounts he used to distribute and receive child porn. Ormiston said investigators found he had sent out 1,761 images as email attachments or using file-sharing services over a two-month period.

Davy was released on bail and moved to Kelowna, but police found he had breached his bail conditions just days after his release by accessing his email. He was also found to have an Internet account in his name.

His Kelowna home was searched on Sept. 12, 2013 and a laptop was seized that contained 1,178 child porn images, 321 photos of naked or partly naked children and 668 child-relevant images.

Rostie told the court it was “more tricky” to find the images on the Kelowna computer because Davy had used a proxy server to hide his IP address, used a program called FileShredder to get rid of files and stored his new collection on a memory stick instead of the laptop.

“In the Kelowna file, I didn’t find the collection on the computer, but all of the artifacts that I found on the computer indicate that a child pornography collection was stored on an external storage device, a Lexar brand that we never found.”

The child porn images found of the laptop were “thumbnail” copies automatically generated and stored on the computer by certain software—likely without Davy’s knowledge—as he viewed the photos and videos on the computer.

“Unless you’re a computer forensic investigator, you’re not going to know that they exist,” Rostie said.

Up to the time of his arrest, Davy had significant involvement with children through teaching and volunteer work, both in Canada and abroad, Ormiston said, adding he had travelled extensively in countries including Australia, New Zealand, the Dominican Republic, Burma, Singapore, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Just days before his first arrest, a local news story stated Davy was planning to join 14 local middle school students on a 11-day volunteering trip to Kenya during spring break 2014 as part of Free the Children’s Me to We initiative.

The trip would have seen Davy and three other adults camp with students for nine days of the 11-day trip.

When Davy was arrested in Kelowna in September, he told police what he did on his computer was different from how he lived his life, Ormiston said.

The search of his hard drive, however, revealed one text document named “bucket list” that Rostie found “significant.”

Based on the document properties, she said evidence points to the document having been written by Davy.

“As I scrolled through the things on the bucket list, at the very bottom it talks about, from 101 to 110, basically sexually assaulting a little girl.”

The second day of Davy’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 23.


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