Chilliwack man convicted of violent crimes off to jail again

A man convicted of a vicious hammer attack in the Chilliwack River Valley was handed yet another jail sentence last week.

Jerry Lee Elliott was sentenced on July 30 to 12 months in jail for possession for the purpose of trafficking and six months for possession of a prohibited weapon without a licence.

He is already in jail as he was sentenced to three-and-a-half-years for aggravated assault and uttering threats in the October 2010 beating of Douglas Hiatt in the Chilliwack River Valley.

In handing down his decision in April 2013, Judge Russell MacKay called the attack “vicious, senseless and cowardly.”

The 31-year-old Elliott has a long violent criminal history going back more than a decade.

Most recently, after a guilty plea last December, Elliott was handed 21 days in jail and a three-year driving prohibition for operating a motor vehicle while disqualified. Then in March, after a trial, he received 30 days in jail for driving while prohibited.

And speaking of vehicles, Elliott’s name was front and centre during the attempted murder trial of Aaron Douglas last month.

Shooting victim Jeff Karpes is a friend of Elliott’s and had borrowed the Jeep he was sitting in when he was hit by two bullets in the chest in December 2012.

Douglas’s lawyer Ken Beatch spent considerable time linking Karpes to Elliott via their friendship, and pointed out that Elliott himself had been the victim of a drive-by shooting.

Charges against Douglas were stayed by Crown counsel mid-trial on July 17 after the court heard a number of inconsistencies in statements to police by Karpes.

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