Unanswered questions plague grieving Chilliwack parents

Gladys and Ed Scherbey have numerous unanswered questions and are reliving the 2011 death of their son Corey as if it happened yesterday. - Paul J. Henderson/TIMES
Gladys and Ed Scherbey have numerous unanswered questions and are reliving the 2011 death of their son Corey as if it happened yesterday.
— image credit: Paul J. Henderson/TIMES

It was three years ago tomorrow that Corey Scherbey’s lifeless body was found in his Chilliwack house by his horrified mother.

But for Gladys Scherbey and Corey’s father Ed, it might as well have been yesterday.

“It feels like the first day,” Ed said last week. “It just goes through your head every day.”

The tragic death of an adult child is one thing, but the unanswered questions plague the Scherbeys as much today as they did on Aug. 22, 2011.

It was that day that Gladys walked into Corey’s living room only to find him on his knees in front of a leather sofa with his head face down on the cushion.

A sprawling pool of blood surrounded him, hardened to a crust in place where it had flowed underneath the couch on the laminate floor.

“His face was dark. But his eyelids and his nose were white,” she said.

And thus began three years of questions, so few of which have been answered to their satisfaction.

Cpl. Derek Santosuosso of the Chilliwack RCMP attended Corey’s Fairfield Island home when he was found dead on Aug. 22, 2011.

Santosuosso found no signs of trauma to the body, no sign of a struggle and no signs of forced entry.

A pathologist determined the cause of death to be “acute combined cocaine and ethanol intoxication.”

But the Scherbeys insist their son did not do drugs. And even if he did, who was the woman at the scene three days prior when Ed stopped by to drop off burgers? Why were there a woman’s bare footprints in the blood in the apartment? Why was his blood-stained wallet missing $140? Why were two knives missing from the kitchen? And why was there an empty cardboard box in the front hall scrawled with the words “Better be a funeral”?

“There are just so many things,” Ed said.

Compounding the trauma of the death of a child and the fact that they are certain it was a homicide was the fact that the home was left a bloody mess by a body removal crew.

A portion of Corey’s scalp was even left behind.

“It was definitely a homicide of some kind,” Gladys said. “Somebody has to know something.”

The family has a lawyer and is attempting to access the file so they can look at the evidence from the scene.

The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP reviewed the file and has requested Mounties conduct a further investigation into the case.

Six months ago the Sherbeys were told they would be notified when a review was completed, but the haven’t heard back yet.

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