Outspoken . . . and silent again

Chilliwack - Editor: Tuesday, Feb.12 marked the deadline for application to the NEB to participate in the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion Review. Despite the transparent attempt to discourage

onerous 96-page application form (absent from the Enbridge review)-more than 2,000 applications were made.

Sixteen jurisdictions from Hope to West Vancouver applied as "Intervenors". Amazing. Almost alone in that group in not doing so, is my own city of Chilliwack-a jurisdiction affected at least as much as the others by the prospective pitfalls of the Kinder Morgan project. (Aquifer, schools, wetlands, etc.) I think I can be forgiven for feeling that the city's application merely as "Commenter" (submitting a letter) creates the impression of environmental concern-without any teeth. Again, city hall disappoints.

I firmly believe a precautionary approach is vital in addressing an industry which decade after decade claims "newer cutting-edge recovery technology" (yet its still skimmers and booms 30 years later); meanwhile Exxon/Kalamazoo/BP Gulf et al. happen. Even while leaks and spills are on an accelerating increase, ultimately it's not their likelihood we should be concerned about as a first priority-it's the extent of the consequences. Imagine a Mayflower-Arkansas-type accident occurring over our aquifer.

Wayne Froese


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