A government without conscience

Chilliwack - Editor: Why do we tolerate a government that appeals to ethically vague, yet noble sounding mantas such as "family values", yet immorally and illegally attacks its own working people by violating their constitutional rights? Why are these hypocritical politicians, void of conscience or moral compass, not compelled to resign? The Liberal governments of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark have shamelessly violated Canadian federal law twice, once by attacking our health care workers (Bill 29) and on another occasion, our teachers (Bills 22 & 28). Surely there were legal professionals within their midst who knew these callous labour-bashing schemes were unconstitutional? Challenges in the form of lawsuits by respective unions were eventually heard by the Supreme Courts of Canada and British Columbia respectively, following a delay of several years. Both were condemned by the chief justices, deemed a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and defiance of legally sanctioned collective bargaining.

As the massive global government bailouts of criminal financial institutions in 2007-09 have made patently evident, governments now exist almost exclusively to provide golden parachutes for the failures of capitalism and to facilitate the dominance of corporate profit over all else, including workers rights, personal privacy and the protection of the natural environment. Our venal neo-conservative governments are now owned and controlled by powerful corporate lobbies and serve the interests of wealth and capital. We have the best democracy money can buy.

For the 99 per cent, real democracy has always been dubious, often farcical, and what little that has existed is now a rotting carcass.

John L Rebman


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