Time to start applying taxes at border


Several weeks ago I contacted Mark Strahl to ask why people can cross the border for minutes, an hour or day; and return with groceries, merchandise, a car full of gas, plus extra gas in jerry cans, and are not being charged duty, GST or PST.

Mr. Strahl responded back saying that he passed my letter on to the Minister of Finance. Needless to say I have yet to get an answer. We have just received a nice little tax guide from Mark Strahl stating you must be out of the country for at least 24 hours before the tax exemptions apply.

I just ordered a product from the United States and had it delivered here and I was charged PST and GST. The way it stands; I could have crossed the border for an hour, brought the merchandise into Canada and not be charged anything.

I like to save money like everyone else; is it fair to business in Canada when you see lineups of hundreds of shoppers going to the States for only day trips or flying out of the States to save money on the taxes?

I thought our government was supposed to support Canadian business. Can anyone tell me why these taxes are not being applied at the border?

The Canadian Government is losing thousands of dollars a day and jeopardizing the businesses in Canada.

C. Kozlik


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