Where is the restraint?


Re: Fiscal restraint.

It seems that every day, the media talks about people carrying a debt load, and the need for each of us to use restraint about taking on more debt.

People need to start paying down their debts. This is very good advice, and we should all take heed.

The provincial government crows about how they are balancing the budget.

Well whooptydoo, it was recently reported that our debt is still growing, along with all that interest.

It was also reported that we would have to pay out billions every year, for I don’t know how many years, in order to pay down the debt.

I don’t see the government crowing about how they are planning on paying that down.

Now they have the nerve to appeal Justice Griffin’s ruling in the case between the B.C. Teachers Federation and the B.C. Liberal government. Well it was legally ruled on and the government was found to be at fault. Now they want to ignore the ruling, and appeal.

The lawyers will love that, and laugh all the way to the bank. We, of course, are expected to pick up the tab. Where is the restraint in this?

This government is lacking integrity and morality. Firing the lot of them would probably be a good start in initiating fiscal restraint.

Richard Parent


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