EDITORIAL - Let’s not turn a blind eye to illegal dumping in Chilliwack

Few perennial stories that grace the pages of this paper year after year are as aggravating as the need for garbage cleanups around Chilliwack’s waterways.

That these cleanups are put on by dedicated volunteers and committed citizens is wonderful.

What is aggravating is that they need to do them at all.

For the 95 per cent of folks who use the rivers responsibly—to pick a figure estimated by an organizer of this Saturday’s cleanup at Gill Bar—it’s an ongoing mystery why some other individuals in that five per cent have so little respect for the community and the environment.

Some have suggested it’s a sense of entitlement, in other words: “It’s Crown land so I can do whatever I want including burning garbage.”

There are fines that can be issued to those caught dumping garbage by the river. Enforcement, however, isn’t easy.

There are a large number of those responsible recreational river users who may not make a mess themselves but who turn a blind eye to others.

Some may see a person dumping garbage by the river and do nothing. This has to change.

River cleanups such as the one at Gill Bar this Saturday are great.

But let’s not turn a blind eye the rest of the year.

Record licence plates of offenders and call the Report All Poachers and Polluters line at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277).

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