FAITH TODAY: Discover the life that comes through Jesus

By Reg Toews

Greendale MB Church


This is Easter week. Some think of this event as bunnies and eggs, either the real or the chocolate variety.

The early church chose to celebrate Easter because it is a time of new growth, new beginnings, new life. It is also tied to the Jewish Passover celebration, which is why the date keeps moving from year to year.

However, there is so much more to this time than chocolate, not that I am against chocolate—I enjoy it.

Spring is life coming out of death. I garden with my wife, it is really her hobby but I love to see new growth. We have planted many gardens in our yard. In the fall we watch the plants die and virtually disappear. There is no growth there at all. Once the weather begins to warm up we watch as new life begins to poke above the cold soil. This is a great reminder that out of death comes life.

From the death of Jesus, one man, came life. As the apostle Paul writes, we are all dead without Jesus. (Romans 3:23; 6:23) Our death is due to our sinful nature. This Friday we remember that Jesus died for us. This death had a purpose. Even though people just wanted to be rid of this Man, God knew what He was doing.  Paul also reminds us that our death can be overcome. The gift of God is for each of us. It is revealed, in part, at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What is unique about the Christian faith is that this Man didn’t stay dead. I don’t have the space to get into all the resurrection facts but the biblical account gives a lot of detail. If you want more go to www.reasonablefaith.org/proof-of-the-resurrection.

The resurrection of Jesus is the hope of the world. He promised to give us life and his resurrection proved that he has the capacity to actually do it. He showed himself to up to 500 people at one time after his resurrection. The change in his disciples as recorded in the book of Acts is definitely a sign of the power of life change.

That present-day followers of Jesus are willing to die for their faith rather than give it up is a sign of the power of this new life. These individuals have seen both sides—death and life—they want the life that comes through Jesus.

We live in a world that is filled with conflict and despair. Watching the news on TV, looking at the news app on your smartphone, reading a newspaper can bring feelings of hopelessness. Hope can be found in the new life that Jesus brings. It is not about following a dogma but engaging in a relationship with a living person.

What are you doing this Easter to seek new life?

There are people in our community who are experiencing the hope that is found in Jesus. Find a church that embraces the gospel message and seek the One that we celebrate this week. It’s more than chocolate and the benefits are better too.



• Reg Toews is lead pastor at Greendale MB Church. He can be reached at pastoreg@shaw.ca.

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