FATH TODAY: We can become satisfied

By Morris Watson

Chilliwack Victory Church


In 1965 a rock group known as the Rolling Stones put out a song that became a huge hit for them and still receives radio play today called, “Satisfaction”, featuring the famous line, “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

The song was very edgy in its day and wasn’t even played on the mainstream radio stations in some countries. The song very clearly contains sexual overtones but also focuses on commercialism and even possessions.

The message is that no matter what he tries or buys there is nothing that satisfies. The singer goes through a bevy of things that he is trying in the hope that something will bring some satisfaction to his life but as he fails, at each turn he recites his mantra about not being able to be satisfied.

Although this song was written almost 50 years ago its message is as relevant today as it was then. It’s relevant because it deals with the condition of man when he tries to fill his needs with things, thrills and casual relationships.

Today we are inundated with the message that, more things, more thrills and more casual relationships will do it for us. Ford Motor Company at Christmas was advertising their newest truck as the gift that would satisfy. What percentage of the population can actually afford to give a truck as a gift?

Manufacturers of everything from diapers to pharmaceuticals tell you that their product is the answer to everything that’s wrong or missing in your life. Advertisements for dating services fill the airwaves and invitations to “chat” or “connect” are catchphrases to entice us into casual or long-term relationships that will produce satisfaction in our lives.

Obviously, we all know that this is not true, but for lack of other answers we turn to them in desperation to find that one thing that may fill a void deep inside us.

A Chinese emperor once disguised himself and went out into the cities of his kingdom to see how his realm was faring. What he found was an empire in distress.

During his travels he listened to the music of the people and it became evident to him that they were a very troubled people. Music as an art form seems to be the message of the inner person and reflects our true condition. It reflects our needs, desires, thoughts and philosophies, as they exist within us at a certain time.

But what man thinks is different needs in changing times is actually the same needs throughout all time.  Man’s music is the same because his condition is the same and the only way to change the music is to change the condition.

The Psalmist, King David of Israel, said in Ps. 17:15, “As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.” King David says that satisfaction only exists in godliness. When we understand righteousness and discover godliness we can become satisfied in our lives. We will only find satisfaction when we discover that there is only one way to fill the void that is within us and it has nothing to do with things, thrills or illicit relationships; it has to do with knowing God.

The fuel of life is not possessions, passions and parties; it’s the righteousness, peace and joy that come from a relationship with God.


• Morris Watson is a pastor with the Chilliwack Victory Church. He can be contacted at morris@v-church.com.

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