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LETTERS: Bike registration program a winner


We have been selling bikes in Chilliwack for 25 years, and have seen the level of bike theft increase to an intolerable level.

Our customers are getting fed up with the number of bikes stolen, and the very low rate of recovery. Our shop staff are nervous about the number of obviously stolen bikes brought in for service.

The public has almost given up on police assistance, but we still keep trying, with serial number records back two decades. We have recovered dozens of stolen bikes and returned them to their owners. Still, if the owner does not keep the serial number, or does not report the theft, it’s hard to do much for them.

I just attended an information session for a new system of registration and recovery of stolen bikes, called 529 Garage. This has been rolled out in Vancouver with huge success, and is being embraced by our local RCMP and city council.

We are excited to see a system like 529 Garage for registering bikes, and making it easier to get them back to their rightful owners. This group will be attending the Prevention Palooza on Nov. 19, and I hope that Chilliwack bike owners will take full advantage of this. They will be registering bikes there, or you can visit your local bike shop for registration.

This is the first concrete program for decreasing bike theft that I have seen in Chilliwack in 25 years. Its time has come.

Dan Douglas


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